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Bust That Stress

No matter what holiday you observe, this is a time to celebrate. For some it's wonderful, but for others, the pressure to spend too much, eat too much, and socialize too much is a huge nightmare. With all the added stress the holidays bring, it’s more important than ever to take care of YOU, and not just everyone else.

The average person, during the holidays, gains weight and puts off working on their goals until after the New Year. You, however, are NOT the average person! With everything that goes on during the holidays the one thing that cannot be put off to the side are our coaching sessions. Schedule your sessions now as my calendar is super tight and we do not want to lose the momentum you have worked so hard to maintain only to have to start over in January. Here are seven things to help get you through the rest of the year. 1. Get Organized! There are 36 days left until the end of the year - decide now what is your intention for the next 5 weeks! What are the loose ends that you are going to tie up prior to the ball dropping on New Year's Eve? Put a plan in place NOW - if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail! 2. Take Care of Yourself - Mentally and Physically With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season the likelihood of getting off our schedules and routines is high. Be sure to identify habits and rituals NOW that will help manage your state! Schedule time for yourself and protect it! Squeezing in fitness can be one of the most effective ways to beat the holiday stress. 3. Spend Less to Stress Less No matter what the economy looks like, the holiday season can be a financial drain. You've got kids and other family members to buy for, there's the gift-giving at work, and with every gift, you feel more and more stretched and less and less joyous!

4. The Family! It’s is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but family dynamics could create some significant stress. This year, instead of setting yourself up fo r days of misery, put some of these ideas to work.

5. Give to others If your holiday spirit is in the dumps, gather your family together and help re-kindle the holiday spirit for others less fortunate. Research shows that contribution may be the key to happiness and as you know it is one of the Six Human Needs! A wonderful place to start is to help those who fight for our freedom. 6. Learn the awesome power of "NO"! If you wake up with anxiety every single day of the holiday season, you are probably stretched way too thin. Set up boundaries with family, friends and coworkers this year so you can experience the true magic of the holiday season. 7. Bake Some Darn Cookies So I must confess that I bake some kick ass cookies, especially during the holidays. Spending some quiet afternoon baking cookies by yourself, with the kids, or spouse, and all is right with the world (at least for a few hours) Go back to #2 and your batches of cookies may just be the most appreciated holiday gifts on your list , especially if you use some of these great recipes.



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