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Finding My Inner Voice

Everyone deals with struggles in life, things that happen which are out of our control. What is most important is how you confront these life struggles. Do you continue to live your life being miserable or do you take control, find your voice, and persevere? I, like all people in life, had my share of struggles. My biggest one was my battle with infertility. I call this a battle because the process was both physically exhausting and emotionally debilitating.

My body had failed me. I felt like a failure to my husband, my family, and most importantly to myself. I was at an all-time low, having gone through dozens of inseminations, multiple IVF treatments, and all with the same result in the end – no baby. I had heard my baby’s heartbeat only to end in miscarriage. Everywhere I went, all I would see would be pregnant women. If they only knew how deeply I envied their joy. My life for years had been broken down to 30 day cycles of pain, suffering, anticipation, and ultimately disappointment. I realized that my battle with infertility had taken over my life and I needed to end my road to self-destruction.

It was toward the end of my difficult journey that I knew I needed to make a change as I could not continue to live my life in misery. I needed a voice and I knew that voice had to come from within me. This voice had to come from deep inside my soul. Knowing that the pain of my infertility was ever present, my suffering was optional. I knew my inner voice needed to be heard and I was going to listen. I was a warrior and I had the strength to change things for the better! I devoted my time and attention to sharing my arduous journey with other women who were going through this same ordeal. I began to study and research how to turn negative thought patterns into positive and proactive thoughts.

I was tested physically and emotionally for a reason. My life plan had changed dramatically. My voice needed to be heard by my fellow warriors to support them any way possible. Today I am a life and relationship coach specializing in working with woman challenged by infertility. My inner voice spoke to me; I listened, and took massive action to change. My darkness became light and I am never looking back. The fact remains that we all have an inner voice within ourselves. The voice inside of us that tells us yes you CAN do it, the voice that does not settle when times are tough, the voice that makes you feel empowered and confident. The real question is do we acknowledge this voice? Do we tap into this voice or do we ignore the voice and take the easy, safe route?

Yes, we all have that voice within us – It’s up to you to listen and take action! -M

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