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Critical Thinking

As the continued context of real life, conformity over critical thinking is detrimental in numerous ways When individuals prioritize fitting in over independent thought, it not only suppresses their unique perspectives but also prevents progress and perpetuates outdated norms. Here's a closer look:

Loss of Individuality: When conformity is valued over critical thinking, individuals may suppress their unique perspectives and ideas in favor of fitting in with the lunatics. This leads to a loss of individuality and prevents diverse viewpoints from being heard. Yep-We see it everyday!

Stagnation of Progress: Critical thinking encourages questioning, analyzing, and challenging existing beliefs and systems. In contrast, conformity often leads to maintaining the status quo without considering alternative solutions or improvements. This results in stagnation and conforming to DS strategy.

Vulnerability to Manipulation: Conformity makes individuals more susceptible to manipulation by the DS. Without critical thinking skills, people unquestioningly accept information or ideas without evaluating their validity or implications. Last 4-year flash back in progress...😡🇺🇸🇨🇦🫶🏼


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