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I 'm  Michelle



  • ​Certified Master Results Coach

  • Certified Relationship Coach

  • Certified Strategic Intervention Specialist

  • Mindset Ass Kicker

  • Hustler of Truth

I'm Michelle Bianco, a proud conservative with a fiery patriotic spirit, outraged by the state of the United States. As an accomplished mindset expert with a born-and-raised New York attitude, I've built my successful career using my "seriously sassy attitude" to inspire my clients enrolled in my carefully crafted and strategically designed mindset programs and one-on-one coaching sessions.

In a world that promotes uniformity, I honor my intuition and trust in my originality. I love my work because I believe everyone possesses the same ability to rise above mediocrity, embracing their unique strengths and values, including those deeply rooted in conservative principles.

My coaching focuses on empowering individuals to advance their careers and goals by revolutionizing the way they see themselves. I create lasting change for entrepreneurs, creatives, business people, risk-takers, and ambivalent dreamers who crave greater authority over their lives but lack self-assurance. I help those willing to take a leap of faith and overcome fears to accomplish personal and professional breakthroughs.

Drawing from my own experiences and triumphs over life's setbacks, I connect with my clients on a personal level, understanding what it feels like to pick up the pieces after an epic struggle. As a Master Coach, I've amassed over twelve thousand hours of 1:1 personal coaching sessions, specializing in mindset change and unlocking the forces inside each person.


'My experience and prolific 1:1 coaching repetition is what separates me from from most all life coaches in the industry.'


In these 1:1 sessions, I help my clients connect with their ultimate purpose and ignite their passion for achieving the ultimate vision of life, career, finances, health, and relationships. I believe that every individual, regardless of their political beliefs, holds the key and the internal power to unlock the door to the life they desire.

With certifications as a Life Coach, Master Results Coach, Relationship Coach, Strategic Intervention Specialist, and "mindset ass kicker," my diverse perspective is effective in empowering clients to take control of their own lives. Clients can expect to walk away with greater success in their personal and professional lives, healthier relationships, the skills to handle stressful situations, and knowledge on prioritizing life projects and timelines.

I want those I work with to share in the power I've experienced. I want my clients to reclaim their self-identity, rely on their intuition, and rebuild their self-confidence while standing strong in their conservative values.

Change your mindset, change your life. I now live my life by my own personal design, with explosive energy and laser-sharp focus.


I know YOU can do the same!


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