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Longest Plane Ride EVER!

So recently I was on an airplane and spotted a newly engaged couple sitting nearby. How did I know? As if the new sparkling diamond wasn’t a big enough clue, I was being flat out nosy and heard the whole engagement story as she was reliving it with her new fiancé. I started to get comfortable in my seat and figured hey this plane ride won’t be so bad after all! She complimented him on what a great job he did in selecting the perfect ring for her – wedded bliss in the making!I must admit, I was enjoying this conversation. Then it started…. She began firing off a barrage of questions – big wedding or small, how many people in the bridal party, where to have the wedding, who should walk her down the aisle? As he responded to her numerous questions it was obvious that they could not agree on many things. I felt bad for this guy as the blood rapidly began to drain from his face. How could this happen in a matter of minutes - being on such a high and then come crashing down? He tried to get a word in but she just kept talking away about how she wants things a certain way for ‘her wedding’. Finally he told her that he wanted to be involved in the planning of ‘their wedding’ and had some ideas of his own. He then suggested that maybe they should just take some time to enjoy being engaged and hold off just a bit on starting the planning so soon. She was not pleased with his response and then the remainder of the trip became very quiet… How do you plan a wedding together when you have every detail of the wedding planned and your other half does not agree with your ideas? The important thing to remember is that your man should be involved in the wedding planning – how much or how little needs to be determined by the both of you! What do you do? Talk about it – crazy concept, right? Ask your guy how involved he wants to be and come up with a scorecard, don’t most guys love sports in some way shape or form? Make it fun, with your scorecard list all the things that need to be handled for the wedding. Then determine together who will take care of each task, more importantly be sure to do things as a team – like cake tasting. Will this totally eliminate every ‘heated conversation’ that may come up during the wedding planning, of course not. But, if you have a plan, stick to it, and talk it out you are definitely on the right path! This is a special day for the both of you; remember to have fun, before you know it the wedding will have come and gone and then… People will start pressuring you about when you are going to start having kids!! I want to hear from you – what tips do you have to ensure that your fiancé is involved in the wedding planning process? I am sure that you have some great ideas that can help inspire other brides so please leave a comment below!

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